Give your planners the tools they need to ensure that your strategic financial goals are adhered to both pre-season and in-season. Using best practice methodology embedded in our Planning solution, you can now ensure that you keep on track with your strategic goals and exception reporting will alert you to any gaps. Streamlined processes help you to easily manage your open-to-buy to allow you to achieve your financial targets.



Top down, Bottom up, and Middle out planning


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Advanced Promotional Planning functionality that uses machine learning to analyse the affect of your promotions


Location Grading down to category level

Plans directly linked to order proposals


Promotional Planning

A state-of-the-art feature that helps you analyse, plan and measure the performance of your promotions. An end-to-end system allowing creation of promotional plans that directly feed into the procurement processes.

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With the Promotional Planner you can measure and monitor all promotion performances against baseline forecasting to establish accurate profit/loss on planned promotions all the way down to item level. Incorporating machine learning technology allows for planning and measuring of cannibalisation and halo effects, helping you further increase the profit of promotions as well as optimise stock levels. The Promotional Planner gives complete overview of past promotions and helps you utilise that information to make even better promotional plans in the future.

The Promotional Planner is designed to speed up the promotional planning process, allowing your employees to focus on exception and details that would create even more profit for your business.

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Location Financial Planning

Using the Location Planning function in Planning, you can easily create location financial plans that are sound and in line with your organization’s strategic plans and yet are adaptable to external influences.

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Create plans for new stores based on sound predictive analysis. To create a holistic organization plan, location plans are an integral part. Using our leading-edge forecasting engine to create channel and new location plans, you can rest assured that your strategic plan is leverage across your locations, both existing and new, in a structured manner.


  • Ensures there is a single plan across both product and location hierarchies
  • Space usage can be optimised to ensure that location profitability is maximised
  • Corrective action can be quickly identified and taken when plans are exceeded or missed

Location Clustering

Today’s customers have distinct preferences on how they shop, where they shop, and when they shop. AGR’s Location Clustering ensures that you can place your products where your customers are likely to buy them.

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The starting point of any good assortment plan is knowing the difference between your stores and using that difference effectively when planning. Our clustering engine groups stores using various criteria to ensure that you have the right product in the right place. Using such factors as store space, demographics etc., you can easily manage large number of locations as the basis for your assortment plan.


  • Allows location clustering outside of the Location Hierarchy
  • Clustering can be against any available attribute
  • Locations can be grouped differently by merchandise department / sub-department

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