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Whether you’re a wholesaler or a retailer, our planning module and inventory module will help you to decrease your inventory while increasing your service level.

What we do

For over 20 years, AGR Dynamics has created demand and supply chain software based on best practice processes to help businesses manage their supply chain – from the initial product and financial planning to forecasting, reporting, ordering, and allocation through an integrated and highly automated process.

Demand Planning

Inventory planning is a leading cause of time loss due to manual processes and lack of visibility. The planning module effortlessly allows for planning demand on all levels of the business, top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up.

Demand Forecasting

Sales forecasts based on proven statistical forecasting methods, taking into account many key features, including historical sales, seasonal fluctuations, and promotional activities.

Promotional Planning

Gain transparency and establish accurate profit/loss estimates while incorporating the newest AI technology in all planned promotions down to item level.

Inventory Optimization

Easy and transparent tool to balance inventory holding costs against your customer service levels by optimizing safety stock levels continuously for all items.

Exception Reporting

Identifying items that deviate from the norm through an extensive library of exception reports that dynamically highlight items that need your special attention.


AGR takes demand driven trends and fluctuations into account to ensure the appropriate distribution of good to guarantee optimum sell-through.

Why invest in agr software?


Inventory reduction


Service Levels


Reduced manual work

ROI in Months

supply chain management software

Features of the AGR system

  • Connects to Multiple ERP Systems

  • Connect your Planning to your Supply Chain

  • ABC Analysis

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Demand Planning

  • Automatic Ordering

  • Container Optimization

  • Exception Reporting

  • Order Exceptions

  • Reporting and Dashboards

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Don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our customers have to say:

“AGR works on item number level, so now we can get automatic forecasts for specific products. At the same time, the quality of the forecast is good, and the system has contributed well to reducing inventory levels, while increasing service levels.”

Dennis Bilgrav

Logistics Manager, BoConcept

“AGR has helped us increase turnover ratios by 30% and improve service levels while minimizing work in the buying process. We are currently implementing the system in all our retail outlets.”

Sigurður K. Pálsson

Purchasing Manager, Olís

“After implementing AGR, we have lowered our inventory levels by over 30%, consequently freeing up valuable working capital and saving considerable time in the purchasing process.”

Grettir Björnsson

IT Manager, JYSK Canada

“I was impressed by the level of automation. It is very graphical and provides the dynamic data we need in a single, integrated solution. AGR offered an easy-to-use option that is cost-efficient and blends well with our existing ERP environment.”

David Elliot

Managing Director, The Mad Group