With retail demand forecasting software you make sure to have the right inventory at the right place at the right time for all your customers, in store and online.

How to forecast inventory levels with our inventory forecasting software solution

Using our AGR Dynamics Inventory planning solution, you can rest assured that the correct inventory levels are calculated across all channels to support how your customers want to shop and where they want to shop – your stores or online and when they want to shop.


How to do inventory forecasting

Avoid lost sales due to incorrect inventory levels, cannibalization of inventory and excess inventory through efficient inventory forecasting. All of these are easily managed in our Inventory replenishment software. Reacting quickly to sales trends is more important than ever in today’s retail world and having a solution that quickly identifies potential inventory issues allows you the piece of mind to know that you will have the right inventory at the right place at the right time for all your customers, in store and online.


Demand Forecasting - Automatically selects best forecast

Trends and seasonality

Lost sales and uplift (promotions or external causes)


Plan by service level

Constraint-based purchase orders

Why inventory allocation is important for sales

The AGR inventory allocation software solution takes a strategic approach to allocations, taking demand trends and fluctuations into account to ensure the more appropriate distribution to guarantee optimum sell-through.

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A strategic approach is required when allocating merchandise to locations as allocations can be considered as the heart of the merchandise cycle. If sales trends aren’t considered for the time duration between when the assortment plan was created and when those same products are allocated, replenishment will not be optimal as the locations that should have received product due to recent trends would not have and therefore will not be replenished accordingly.


Why demand forecasting is important for your supply chain

Using the best retail demand forecasting software available, AGR Dynamics’ Retail Dynamics solution allows you to plan strategically, knowing that your allocation and replenishment processes will run smoothly and align with your financial plan.

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With today’s world of shorter life cycles for products and manufacturing lead times, you need to get it right the first time. In retail there is no chance for a second time. Using our leading edge forecasting technology and predictive analysis, you can ensure that your inventory positions are in line with your merchandise financial plans.

Why inventory optimization is important for retail management

Inventory planning is a leading cause of time loss in an organization due to manual processes, data entry, and lack of visibility to your inventory. The Inventory Optimization solution effortlessly allows you to see where your inventory is or isn’t and manage it effectively.

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Product types sell differently and as a result, need to be managed differently. Fashion with its variants versus home goods or car parts need to be managed and planned for in different ways. Vendor lead times and additional organizational lead times are part of your inventory planning process. Different channels require different lead times and this all impacts your inventory plan. These are reasons to have a solution in place to be sure on how to optimise inventory.

Why stock replenishment is important for your inventory management

Automated replenishment activities free up time for you to strategically plan your product offering. With our Retail Dynamics inventory replenishment software solution, you can rest assured that your inventory levels are accurately maintained.

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With our advanced forecasting algorithms, safety stock calculation and ABC analysis will ensure that you keep the correct balance between inventory levels and service stock levels, to maintain customer satisfaction. Our solution offers end-to-end best practise processes that optimise your replenishment procedures on a single web based platform.

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