Merchandise Financial Manager

Full Visibility

View future stocks and performance with full visibility at all levels in the product hierarchy to understand and manage all the opportunities and risks.

Quick Response Time

Forward visibility of potential performance means that future under- or over performance can quickly be identified and time corrective action taken to drive sales or minimise inventory.

Increased Profitability

Multi-channel planning enables channel profitability to be asses, and margin management ensures that the profitability of the company is maximised.

Cash Flow Management

Effective stock, intake, and open to buy control facilitates cash flow management and in-season re-buying

Merchandise Financial Manager is where the overall sales, stock, intake, and margin plans for each sub-department and channel are developed by week, period, or season, and where in-season performance is managed.

Merchandise Financial management enables the top line planning of promotional events and full margin modelling. intake and Open to Buy can be optimised to ensure stock targets are maintained at all times.

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