Merchandise Planning

Effectively manage your retail and wholesale product ranges from initial conception to end of life with our fully integrated, modular solution, built on well-proven, best practice processes.

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Manage your overall sales, stock, intake, and margin plans for each sub-department and channel by week, period, or season with the Merchandise Financial Planner module.

  • Effective stock, intake, and open to buy control facilitates cash flow management and in-season re-buying
  • Multi-channel planning enables channel profitability to be assessed
  • Comparison to and reconciliation with bottom up Option and Location plans ensures that the business has common goals at all levels
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Select the right product for your target customer with the AGR Range manager and ensure the chosen product ranges meet the needs of both the customer and the business.

  • Ensure the right mix of options is available in the right place and at the right time across all channels and location grades
  • Product placeholder creation before set up on the ERP enables the range to be built and analysed with minimum effort
  • Setting optimum minimum display stock by location grade drives ordering and replenishment (with Option Manager and Inventory Optimiser)
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Option Manager is where the weekly sales, stock, and intake of individual options (style/colour variants) are planned and managed. Full integration with Range Manager ensures that option plans are instantly created for all new or re-included options based on the parameters set on the range plan.

  • Ability to create a pre-season plan and in-season forecast for each option means overall risks and opportunities can be better managed
  • Weekly control of the option to ensure timely actions are taken
  • Distribution of option forecast down to size level integrates with AGR Inventory Optimiser for automatic ordering, distribution, and replenishment
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Location Manager allows the planning and in-season management of sales and space by location (or customer) by sub-department. Space plans can be quickly and easily manipulated at any level in the location hierarchy to reflect changes to space allocation.

  • Ensures there is a single plan across both product and location hierarchies
  • Space usage can be optimised to ensure that location profitability is maximised
  • Corrective action can be quickly identified and taken when plans are exceeded or missed

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