JYSK Case Study:

Inventory levels down by 30% through customized reporting

ÁTVR Case Study:

Centralised purchasing and increased control of inventory with AGR

Parlogis Case Study:

Increased accuracy in the Pharmaceutical industry

Rosendahl Case Study:

Sharp Forecasting Provides Strong Overview and a Robust Supply Chain

Otsuka Case Study:

Reducing workload at Karl K. Karlsson

Newitts Case Study:

15% less stock and ROI within 6 months

Karl K. Karlsson Case Study:

Reducing workload at Karl K. Karlsson

Le Creuset Case Study:

AGR gives Le Creuset a solid base for accurate forecasting

Fitness Mad Case Study:

Inventory management from AGR Dynamics supports rapidly expanding and diverse customer

BoConcept Case Study:

Improved Customer Service Levels

Stilling Case Study:

Reducing costs in the auto-parts industry

Thermex Case Study:

Thermex ventilation systems chooses AGR for Inventory Optimisation

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO):

Strategic Opportunity, Threat, or Tactical Must-Do?