AGR Nordic gets a new customer in Norway and continues its strong entry into the exciting and important Norwegian market.

Etman Distribusjon AS / ETM Øst AS

Etman Distribusjon AS, a Norwegian electrical wholesaler which together with ETM Øst AS serves the Norwegian professional market through outbound sales, operation of professional stores and online shopping (B2B). The core products are in-house developed electrical products aimed at the Scandinavian market. The products include cables, sockets, switches, fuse panels, LED lighting, etc. The aim is to become one of the market’s most attractive total suppliers.

The company’s vision is to create cost-effective production and distribution of electrical installation products based on the ability to develop quality products at competitive prices without expensive intermediaries.

Etman were looking for a system that would improve the purchasing process by centralising purchasing and improving inventory management. They were in contact with several suppliers but decided to choose AGR.


Purchasing Manager Frank Landmark states the following:

“After a very short period in operation, we can see that AGR has reduced our costs. We have freed up a lot of time with the employees in the departments, reduced the storage costs in both the departments and the main warehouse and are now more capable of delivering to our customers.


AGR has many good reports that help us capture fluctuations so we can respond quickly. This is how we now avoid overstocks and empty shelves. We have our own factory in China, and the forecasts we now give the factory through the AGR system have helped them plan production and purchase raw materials. So AGR has a positive effect on the entire value chain.


The system was implemented during Covid-19 times with the challenges this posed. The consultants from AGR Nordic solved this extraordinarily well. The changes/wishes we had were processed and resolved immediately, and we were normally able to test the changes the very next day. The consultants had great knowledge about the system and had solutions that helped us adapt the system as we wanted. Subsequently, we have also greatly appreciated that we still have the same consultants working for us and things that have come up along the way have been resolved quickly. Another thing we want to highlight is how quickly we got the system up and running and that AGR delivered within budget”