We are happy to announce three new additions to the AGR Dynamics team in Reykjavík: Rebekka Jóhannsdóttir, Gunnar Gylfason, and Fanndís Kristinsdóttir.


Rebekka joined the AGR consultant team in May and recently graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management from Reykjavík University. While at university, she worked as a Teachers Assistant (T.A.) at Reykjavík University in both Statistics and Operations. When not working or spending time with her family and friends, Rebekka participates in BootCamp at SportHúsið and enjoys baking and traveling in her free time.


Gunnar also recently graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management, with an emphasis on big data, from Reykjavík University and joined the AGR consultant team this past May. For the past four years, he has, along with his studies, worked at the Icelandic phone company Nova, where he gained experience in customer service and inventory management, as well as working as a T.A. at Reykjavík University in Programming. Gunnar prefers to keep his schedule busy and spends as much time as possible with his friends, meaning that if you’re looking for him, you might find him at the swimming pools or the gym, next to any coffee dispenser, traveling, playing tennis or frisbee-golf, long boarding but most likely next to any coffee dispenser.


Fanndís is a Kópavogur native and completed her Icelandic matriculation exam from Verzlunarskóli Íslands (The Commercial College of Iceland) in 2013. She has recently graduated with her B.Sc. in Financial Engineering, and finds programming to be especially interesting, having chosen to take all over her electives for her degree within the Computer Science department. Fanndís regularly exercises at World Class and finds Tabata to be a specifically fun class. To unwind and relax, she can think of nothing better than enjoying a nice cup of coffee and chocolate in good company. Fanndís is the newest member of the AGR consultant team and joined the company in June.