Smith and Norland Selects AGR 5Smith & Norland, an Icelandic wholesaler who specialises in the import and sales of electrical goods, covering the power, electrical, communications and medical fields, has selected AGR 5 for streamlining their inventory planning and forecasting processes. Smith & Norland has a very good reputation as the Siemens representative in Iceland, but in addition to that it represents many other companies from countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, England, Spain, Italy and in the U.S.A.

The company has expanded steadily and today it has just over 45 employees. The majority of them are educated in the electrical field as engineers, technicians and electricians. Most of the other employees have a firm education in other fields, along with a long working experience.

“We are confident that the AGR solution will bring good value to Smith & Norland and improve their business processes around supply chain management,” said Haukur Hannesson, Managing Director AGR Dynamics. “We have built up years of experience around supply chain planning in the wholesale industry and look forward to bringing that knowledge to Smith & Norland.”