AGR 5 Product Features

Demand Forecasting

Automatic sales forecasts based on proven statistical methods, taking into account key features, including historical sales, seasonal fluctuations and promotional activities.

Sales planning

Create and adjust demand plans and promotional activity at any level of the company, business, division, department, category or item with the Sales planning module.

Order proposals

Automatic order schedules reduce manual work that goes into order creation. Accurate demand forecasting improves order quality resulting in increased sales and less money tied in stock.


Enables you to register and track all your promotions within the same solution. Ensures that all your promotional activity is taken into account in the replenishment process.

Inventory Optimisation

Apply confidence factors to the demand forecast in order to adjust your safety stock and service level. This ensures that the right items are ordered in the right amount at the right time.

Purchase Plans

Create purchase plans for future periods to increase vendor collaboration and information sharing. Purchase plans can be created and edited for any defined group in the system.


Exception Management

Create your own exception reports to identify items that need special attention, for example potential stock-outs, late deliveries, high forecasting errors, slow movers etc.

Container Optimisation

Create and apply you own custom constraints to fill up containers so that the shelf life of all ordered items is the same without breaking volume, weight and number of pallets constraints.


Inventory reduction


Service levels


Reduced manual work

ROI in months

What do our users say?

See an overview of selected customers using our solutions. Read about detailed benefits that users have experienced after implementing the AGR solutions to manage processes around forecasting, planning and replenishment.

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Graphical user interface

AGR 5 is a fully web based solution that uses the latest web technology to bring you the best user interface available. Get instant graphical overview of sales and stock level history along with forecasts, estimated stock levels, safety stock. When using our planning module users can additionally get an overview of their sales plans and promotions on top of the graphs.

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Exception Management

Create your own exception reports in our completely redesigned reporting module. Weather you are looking for potential stock-outs, overstocked items, high forecasting errors, slow movers etc, our exception reporting module will find the right items for you.