AGR is a specialised software solution that increases your efficiency, service and general profitability through demand planning, inventory management and sales forecasting. This system allows you to calculate automatic demand forecasting and manage the entire planning process of your company, among many other benefits.

Choosing the right business software increases productivity and profitability, while giving you a good overview of all aspects of operations in one place. Our staff have extensive experience in the implementation, service and general consulting knowledge in both European and International markets.






AGR is specialised software that calculates your automatic purchase proposals from statistical demand forecasts, among many other things.


Connect your planning, sales, and marketing departments through the supply chain process within AGR.

Retail Crest

Our iOS and Android app gives managers access to key sales figures of the business on the go.

Cloud Solutions

Want to upload to the cloud? No problem! You can choose a monthly subscription or a hosting solution within the Microsoft Azure cloud.

AGR 5 – New Web Interface

We’ve worked hard to bring you our AGR software in a new web format. New additions in the web interface include an even easier user environment and improved reporting.


Simple Reporting

Brand new interface with variance analysis


Connection with NAV and AX

Start the AGR system directly from within NAV and AX


Graphic Interface

New and improved interface with redesigned graphics


Sales Projections

Sales planning system is now available in the web interface


Improved Processing Capacity

Faster processing of database and interface system


Development Base for Future Innovations

All innovations in the AGR system will be uploaded into the web interface

Retail Crest

Retail Crest is an iOS and Android app that gives managers the ability to have all key sales figures for your business in real time, anywhere and anytime, both graphically and numerically. 


Key Figures Straight to your Phone

Clear and effective graphical representation of the key figures from your business


Real Time Sale Information

Summary and comparison of sales between periods and shops


Statistical Analysis

Margin development, analysis of sales basket and sales distribution down to the stores, departments, dates, and more!