Best Practice
Inventory Management
for Wholesale and Distribution

Improve service levels, reduce inventory costs and automate purchasing processes on a cloud-based D365 Business Central integrated solution.

Simple Implementation Process

One Monthly Fee with
No Hidden Costs

Implementing AGR Essentials through a standard Dynamics 365 Business Central data connector will have you up and running within a week. Central hosting on Azure is included, as well as an automatic upgrade path to the latest AGR Essentials version. All customers are serviced by a dedicated business consultant and have access to online service desk support.

Demand Forecasting, Inventory Planning and Optimization help achieve the visibility, control, and confidence wholesalers and distributors need to respond to changes in demand and supply, all with one monthly fee.

Inventory Optimization

Lower Inventory Levels

AGR Essentials helps to carry enough inventory to respond quickly to customer demand yet minimize investment in inventory, facilities, and equipment to reduce storage and transportation cost. With data from Dynamics 365 Business Central, an automated best fitting forecast method is applied to estimate future demand.

By implementing a data-driven decision-making software, businesses improve accuracy, enabling them to cut down on waste yet ensuring maximum availability with minimum capital tied up in stock.

Reduce manual work

Introduce Automation

Eliminate repetitive manual work when it comes to order creation on predictable items and focus the time on the areas that deliver the most value. With exception reporting the items that need special attention are automatically identified, assisting businesses in attaining their strategic goals.
Automation improves efficiency and accuracy as well as provides users with better visibility into their data.


Improve Service Levels

AGR Essentials automatically optimizes the service levels for every individual product when calculating demand forecasts based on uncertainty. With an automatic ABC analysis of all items on top of that, AGR Essentials prioritizes products based on value, volume, or margin ensuring the availability of the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

AGR Dynamics

We have over 20 years of experience delivering best practice inventory management to a global customer base.

With software that specializes in balancing inventory levels by minimizing overstocked items and stockout situations, as well as minimizing time spent on repeatable tasks – companies can be sure that they are making better decisions regarding their inventory.

AGR Essentials Features include


The forecasting engine generates sales forecasts based on proven statistical forecasting methods, taking into account many key features, including historical sales, seasonal fluctuations, and promotional activities.


Inventory planning is a leading cause of time loss due to manual processes and lack of visibility. Our planning module effortlessly allows for planning demand on all levels of the business, top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up.


An easy and transparent tool to balance inventory holding costs against your customer service levels by optimizing safety stock levels continuously for all items.


Identify items that deviate from the norm through an extensive library of exception reports that dynamically highlight items that need your special attention.


The order exceptions feature highlights the anomalies in order proposals. Gain an overview of all order proposals that need special attention and a suggested way to fix the issue.


Identify focus areas in your business by classifying your product range by value and volume and apply the appropriate processes accordingly.


Reduce repetitive manual work around order creation by applying ABC analysis, demand forecasting and planning processes to automatically generate suggested order quantities.


Optimize order proposals to meet business constraints based on pallets, weight, quantity, value or days covered. Split or combine orders based on the underlying constraints.

Analysis Reporting

Flexible reporting that brings the data and insights needed, giving an overall view of the business’ performance. The data can be sliced and diced to meet predefined criteria.

Intelligent Forecasting

Increase Revenues

Gain competitive advantage by applying best practice processes to demand forecasting, service level management, and automated purchase ordering. Optimized inventory management leads to stock level accuracy, effective demand forecasting, optimal replenishment cycles, accurate financial reporting, lower operating costs and achievement of higher customer service targets.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Be Sustainable

The AGR Essentials software helps wholesalers and distributors minimize waste of funds due to overstock, waste of opportunities by not having stock available for customers, waste of time by having resources spending time on repeatable tasks and optimise the flow of goods throughout the supply chain minimizing waste of natural resources by lowering the carbon footprint.

Sustainable Development Goals have become increasingly important for companies as they recognize it as a driver of business strategy, innovation, and investment decision.

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we minimize waste in the supply chain

AGR Essentials for Inventory Optimization

The software, which is simple to implement, easy to use, and integrated with D365 Business Central allows for more consistent planning decisions, more accurate buying decisions and helps ensure you have the right product in the right place at the right time.