Give your planners the tools they need to ensure that your strategic financial goals are set to meet your business targets. Using best practice methodology embedded in our Planning solution, you can now ensure that you stay on track with your strategic goals. Manage customer level sales planning and create S&OP processes to improve your sales forecasts and measure them against actual sales figures, all within the same web-based platform.


Financial & budget planning

Customer Level Planning


Advanced S&OP Process Management


Customized Planning Templates

Financial & Budget Planning

Our financial planning and budgeting solution lets you manage merchandise plans and budgets consistently, accurately and with a single version of the truth

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Strategic targets are set here allowing buyers and planners a guideline for their areas. Creating top-down, middle-out or bottom-up plans leads to a clear understanding, throughout the organization, of a single version of your strategic plans. Using our leading-edge forecasting engine to accurately analyze and predict your sales, you can easily manage your cash flow analysis and achieve a broad view of your whole business within the same web-based solution as your purchasing and supply chain management.

  • Effective stock, intake, and open to buy control facilitates cash flow management 
  • Multi-channel planning enables channel profitability to be assessed
  • Comparison to operational figures allows you to monitor performance against the plan at all levels

Customer Level Planning

Advanced customer level planning is available in the Planning module. You can easily manage individual customers or customer groups and allocate stock to them through our planning templates. This enables deeper views into your demand and allows more accurate location financial plans that are sound and in line with your organization’s strategic plans and yet are adaptable to eternal influences.

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Create plans for new stores based on sound predictive analysis. To create a holistic organizational plan, location plans are an integral part. Using our leading-edge forecasting engine to create channel and new location plans, you can rest assured that your strategic merchandise financial plan is leverage across your locations, both existing and new, in a structured manner.


  • Ensures there is a single plan across both product and location hierarchies
  • Space usage can be optimised to ensure that location profitability is maximised
  • Corrective action can be quickly identified and taken when plans are exceeded or missed

Advanced S&OP Process Management

A key element in sustaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment is an effective Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process. AGR’s customers can use the the Planning module to develop a business-wide game plan to improve its overall business performance with advanced S&OP processes.

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AGR’s approach to S&OP is to offer an integrated business management process through which top-level management continually achieves alignment with various business functions. The S&OP process includes updating precalculated statistical forecasts to create an effective sales plan that takes all the supply chain parameters into account.

Our S&OP templates allow for routine revision according to set planning horizons. Plans can be edited on any level, bottom-up, middle-out and top down and on various aggregations such as location, customers, suppliers and product groups. The re-planning process focuses on changes from the previously agreed sales and operations plan, while it helps the management team to understand how the company achieved its current level of performance, with its primary focus on future actions and anticipated results.

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