Using our Inventory module you can easily achieve the delicate balance between your optimal service levels without tying too much working capital into your inventory investments. This is achieved through best practice processes that you can apply through our state-of-the-art web solution.

Furthermore, reacting quickly to sales trends is more important than ever in today’s retail world and having a solution that quickly identifies potential inventory issues allows you the piece of mind to know that you will have the right inventory at the right place at the right time for all your customers.


Best fit statistical forecasting

Automatic Order Creation

Exception Management

Purchase Plans


What-if analysis

Container Optimization & Order Constraints

Statistical forecasting

Put your existing sales data to work by applying proven statistical forecasting methods taking into account a number of variables such as seasonal fluctuations the forecasting engine generates automatic forecasts and safety stock recommendations.

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The Inventory module uses a process called Expert Selection that allows the forecasting engine to select an appropriate uni-variate forecasting technique automatically. The process measures the underlying data quality, such as if the data set is very short, the engine defaults to simple moving average. Alternatively, the engine examines the data for the applicability of the intermittent or discrete forecast models.

Although the forecasts produced from such models are just straight horizontal lines, they often provide forecasts superior to those from exponential smoothing for low-volume, messy data. If neither of these models are applicable to the data, the choice is now narrowed down to different forms of exponential smoothing and Box-Jenkins models. The forecasting engine will then apply a series of tests on the data and apply a rule-based logic that may lead to a model selections based on data characteristics. If the rule-based logic does not lead to a definitive answer, the engine performs an out- of-sample test to choose between an exponential smoothing model and a Box-Jenkins model.


Automated replenishment activities free up time for you to strategically plan your product offering. With our Wholesale Dynamics Replenishment solution, you can rest assured that your inventory levels are accurately maintained and match your target service level settings.

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With today’s world of shorter life cycles for products and manufacturing lead times, you need to get it right the first time. Using our leading edge forecasting technology and predictive analysis, our Inventory module takes all of the order parameters into account when estimating optimal order quantities. The whole process can furthermore be highly automated to ensure that your time is spent on the items that need special attention as opposed to the repetitive manual work that can be scheduled to run for the majority of your item base.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory planning is a leading cause of time loss in an organization due to manual processes, data entry, and lack of visibility to your inventory. The Inventory Optimization solution effortlessly allows you to see where your inventory is or isn’t and manage it effectively.

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Product types sell differently and as a result, need to be managed differently. Vendor lead times and additional organizational lead times are part of your inventory planning process. Different channels require different lead times and this all impacts your inventory plan.

Exception Reporting

Users can define exception reports to identify items that need special attention, such as potential stock-outs, overstocked items, high forecast uncertainty, slow movers etc.

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Instead of plowing through endless data, users can now create exception reports to automatically identify items that need special attention. Our reporting tool is highly flexible and designed to capture user defined exceptions as well as enabling the user to group the reports and aggregate in various ways. Action can furthermore be taken directly from the report such as creating manual orders directly from the standard potential stock-out report. Users can then flag their most important key reports to be visible on the initial system dashboard.

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