Sales and Operations Planning for Wholesale

Let us help you with the complete wholesale planning process – from high-level department planning to product end of life management with our sales and operations planning software



Are your planners overwhelmed by their spreadsheets? Advanced planning for wholesale and distribution companies can be a complex process with different requirements. Planners either have to put up with Excel, including all the complex management and inconsistency that entails, or large, over-complicated and expensive systems that are often not as integrated as they seem.


AGR Wholesale Dynamics covers the complete process of managing your supply chain. From the initial product and financial planning process to forecasting, reporting, ordering and allocation through an integrated and highly automated process.

With AGR Wholesale Dynamics, you can manage your supply chain in a logical, consistent way. Wholesale Dynamics is a no-nonsense, fully integrated, uncomplicated alternative to spreadsheets that gives small and mid-sized wholesalers and distributors the same facilities as the “big guys” with less complexity and at a much lower cost.

Wholesale Dynamics offers a simple solution that is cost-efficient, easy to adopt and gives a breadth of integrated function that is unique in the marketplace.


This leads to:


Improved forecast accuracy

More accurate safety stock


Automatic Replenishment


Optimized inventory levels

Lower inventory value commitment

Increased sales

Improved margins

ROI in months, not years

Check Out the Modules within Wholesale Dynamics

Planning for Wholesale

Give your planners the tools they need to ensure that your strategic financial goals are met. Using best practice methodology embedded in our Planning solution, you can now ensure that you stay on track with your strategic goals and exception reporting will alert you to any gaps. Our planning module will help you to easily manage your S&OP processes and measure sales forecasts against actual sales to achieve your targets.

Inventory for Wholesale

Increase inventory level accuracy and achieve optimal service levels within your business through our state of the art Inventory module. Users will be able to apply best practice processes and experience considerable reduction in workload for managing the replenishment process while freeing up valuable working capital tied up in the supply chain.

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