Sales & Promotions Planner

Sales Planning

Create and adjust demand plans and promotional activity at any level of the company, business, division, department, category, or item, allowing for top-down, middle-out, or bottom-up changes.

Promotion Planning

Enables you to plan and track all your promotions within the same solution. Ensures that all your promotional activity is taken into account in the replenishment process.

Multi-Dimensional Planning

Build custom hierarchies based on multiple dimensions such as customer, location, product groups, etc. Allows top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up planning.

Automatic Execution

Ensures automatic execution of plans and promotions into the replenishment order cycle through full integration with the AGR Inventory Optimiser and Demand Forecaster.

Add Your Knowledge to the Statistical Forecast


The Sales Planning module allows users to manipulate the sales forecast in various ways to adjust for changes that the statistical model does not capture. Such events include corporate planning, promotions, special events and competitive information.  Sales Planners can add their knowledge on top of the statistical forecast to adjust for these known factors and incorporate them into the replenishment process.

Say Goodbye to Endless Spreadsheets


Plans can be created at any level – business, division, department, category or item and then aggregated up or consolidated down the structure to have one visible demand plan for the business to work around. In this way the plans are kept co-ordinated and controlled without the need for endless spreadsheets. The AGR Planning module fully integrated with the Replenishment module to ensure that plans are executed into the replenishment stock order proposals.  This integration of planning and execution ensures that the business can factor in all operational requirements. 

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