AGR’s Assortment planning software ensures that all your channels are aligned so that no matter how your customers shop, you have what they are looking for. Customized assortments based on attributes and location clustering. Streamline your merchandise planning process with best practices embedded in our Assortment planning solution. This allows you to meet your financial targets while offering what your customers want, when they want it, and how they want it.


Localized assortments


Range and Option Planning

Manage size curves


Create new products or select from ERP/PLM/Vendor


Assortment Planning

Using our AGR Retail Assortment Planning Solution, you can customize your assortments from the start and reap the benefits. Maximize your profits while minimizing your inventory levels. Carry what your customers want, where they want it based on predictive analytic and machine learning software.

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Customizing assortments based on what your customers really want and are looking for. Using leading edge forecasting technology to decipher sales data to ensure that you create the optimal assortments that are in line with your strategic financial plans. Assortment Planning will ensure that your assortments are what your customers want, where they want it, when they want it. Minimize inventory yet maximize your sales margin using our store clustering technology to ensure that you have the best assortment that fits in the space for each location.


  • Ensure the right mix of options is allocated to the right place and at the right time across all channels and location grades
  • Create assortments at store group level, with the ability to override by exception for individual store
  • Manage assortment to optimize store and department profitability

Range Width Planning

Range planning defines the breadth and structure of your assortment and that is the guideline used by buyers for how it will deliver the KPI’s for the Merchandise Financial Plan, such as margin, revenue, and space productivity.

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Range Width planning is an integral tool for buyers and planners. Where you strategically plan your commodity and how it will deliver the KPI’s for your Merchandise Financial Plan such as margin, revenue and space productivity. Range planning defines the breadth and structure of your assortment and that is the guideline used by buyers for the details of the assortment. Range planning gives you all the information you need to define how many options, what colors, what price point range. How your assortment will fit into your stores and how your online strategy will fit into the overall range.


  • Ensure range performance will meet merchandise plans and location expectations
  • Product placeholder creation before set up on the ERP enables the range to be built and analyzed with minimum effort
  • Setting optimum minimum display stock by location grade drives ordering and replenishment (with Option Manager and Inventory Optimizer)

Option Planning

Option planning lets the retailer plan the detail – which products, which color and size profiles, expected demand curves, when to put the product in the store, when to mark it down and when to take it out. Using the framework created in Range and Assortment Planning, Option planning optimizes inventory and cash flow at the item level.

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The details are key in Option Planning. How many variants and to which cluster? Am I getting the margin that I planned in my merchandise financial plan? How does my option plan look when based against my range plan? These are all important questions going through a buyer’s mind when they plan their assortment. AGR’s Option Planning solution effortlessly walks you through this process. No more unlimited spreadsheets, you are now focused on your items and ensuring that your plan for them is in line with your strategic plan. Time-phased assortment planning leads to optimal inventory levels and organizational cash flow strategies.


  • Ability to create a pre-season plan and in-season forecast for each option means overall risks and opportunities can be better managed
  • WSSI provides control of the option to ensure timely actions are taken
  • Distribution of option forecast down to size level integrates with the Dynamic Inventory Optimization process for automatic ordering, distribution, and replenishment
Assortment Planning Solutions

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