Range Manager

Product Placeholder

Product placeholder creation before set up on the ERP system enables the range to be built and analysed with minimal effort

Comprehensive Tool Kit

Range manager allows for effective management of product profitability, in-depth analysis of range over time, and accurate calculation of line buys to minimise potential surplus.

Get It Right - Always

Ensure the right mix of options is available in the right place and at the right time across all channels and location grades. Manage the offer size to fit the space available in all locations.

Integrated Technology

Setting of optimum minimum display stock by location grade drives ordering and replenishment, integrated with the AGR Option Manager and the Inventory Optimiser.

Selecting the right product for your target customer is a creative and analytical process shared between the buying and merchandiser. AGR Range Manager ensures that the product ranges that emerge from this process meet the needs of both the customer and the business.

New products can be quickly created with Range Manager for setup in the ERP once all details are confirmed while existing products, or those on supplier product lists can easily be added into the range from drop down lists.

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