Option Manager

Flexible Plans

Ability to create a pre-season plan and in-season forecast for each option means overall risks and opportunities can be better managed, as well as allowing users to plan and review performance by attribute.

Increased Control

Weekly control of the option ensures timely actions are taken, with open-to-buy control reduces over- or under- buying of inventory.

Increased Visibility

Visibility of department level plans ensures there is detailed management of stock and intake and full control of open-to-buy. Option performance is monitored and key activities can be quickly identified and actioned.

Integrated Technology

Distribution of option forecast down to size level integrates the Option Manager with the AGR Inventory Optimiser for automatic ordering, distribution, and replenishment.

Option Manager is where the weekly sales, stock, and intake of individual options (style/colour variants) are planned and managed. Full integration with Range Manager ensures that option plans are instantly created for all new or re-included options based on the parameters set on the range plan.  Changes to the range plan will be automatically reflected in the option plan and vice versa until the option plan is fixed or an order is placed.

Weekly plans are automatically created for all ranged options either using a selected sales profile, last year performance, or a statistically generated forecast. Intake is forecast to ensure optimum stock at all times taking into account minimum order quantities and other constraints.

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