Demand Planning

ABC Forecasting

Utilise ABC analysis to classify your data into A (great importance) items, B (not at crucial) items, and C (minor importance) items, and minimise forecasting error

Machine Learning

Uses machine learning to automatically finds the best fit forecasting methods to predict future demand. Our award winning software outperforms alternative forecasting methods with ease.

Statistical Forecasting

Automatic sales forecasts based on proven statistical methods, taking into account key features, including historical sales, seasonal fluctuations and promotional activities

Safety Stock Calculation

Be confident in your stock levels through accurate safety stock calculations that take into account product predictability, the fitted model, lead time, confidence level, forecast, and set service level

Be Prepared for All Your Business Needs


The AGR Forecasting Engine is the base engine for forecasting future sales and stock requirements. The engine provides a complete range of forecasting approaches to address all types of business needs, for example seasonal demand, product hierarchies, product promotions, slow moving items, causal variables and much more.

Take the Guesswork Out of Forecasting


The built-in expert system analyses your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique, builds the model and calculates the forecast. The forecasting module automatically calculates sales forecasts based upon one of the following five classes of forecasting models: Simple Method, Curve Fitting, Low Volume Models, Exponential Smoothing, and Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) Models.

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