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Employing the right business software increases your margin and provides a good overview of all aspects of operations in one place. Our staff has participated in some of the largest and most complex implementations of LS Retail and Dynamics NAV in the world, as well as the application of AGR solutions around the globe. We know what it takes to achieve maximum efficiency and profit through business software.

We are proud of the immense experience our employees possess in implementing the business software of your choice for your business. If your company is looking for a professional, experienced and reliable partner with a good reputation, you should consider how AGR Dynamics can assist you.

The services we offer include:

The SCM audit includes an analysis of your current supply chain and prioritises improvement projects that support increased organisation to maximize your planning and purchasing efficiency, reduce inventory, and meet service level objectives. The audit includes:

  • Analysis of the movement of goods within your supply chain and warehouse processes
  • Analytical procedures for planning and purchasing
  • Inventory status
  • Purchasing procedure calculations
  • Assessing the quality of data and existing systems

Where does your company want to be in a few years’ time? We sit down with our customers and look into the future with them. We point out opportunities and routes in the realm of IT to achieve future goals. We draw up the route and follow you to your destination.

A business producing results is founded on a good and well thought out business plan. Research shows that companies that regard IT as an opportunity to improve business and to get ahead of the competition, are much more likely to obtain results than others. Our aim is to assist our customers obtaining their goals by utilising our experience and professional background to think and assist with strategic planning for harnessing the information technology of the company.

AGR Dynamics offers an array of courses in SCM Logistics. We can tailor the courses to your firm, both as a general logistics course or teaching AGR systems with specific initiatives in mind.

We also offers a logistics studies prepared in collaboration with Reykjavík University. The program uses a theoretical basis, but emphasis is placed on the course’s practicality and how it will benefit the participants in their place of work.

AGR Dynamics offers potential customers to conduct a Simulation exercise to evaluate the gains that could be achieved by implementing AGR software. Replenishment is replicated for last year where sales forecasts and order proposals are created and compared to actual sales and placed orders. This is conducted on a sample product range in order to analyse and present how the system performs in a real-life situation. 

Einar Karl Þórhallsson

Einar Karl Þórhallsson

Service Manager

Einar is our Service Manager and a consultant at AGR Dynamics. He joined the company in 2007 and has led multiple consulting projects involving the organization of SCM and the implementation of its related software solutions. Einar works hard to make sure our customers are satisfied.

  • Customer Service 90%
  • Working Speed 60%
  • Technical Knowledge 80%
  • Table Tennis Skills 30%