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Valdir viðskiptavinir AGR Dynamics

Retail / Wholesale


“Since we implemented the [AGR] system, we have lowered our inventory levels by over 35%. This has freed up valuable working capital in our business. The main reason for this staggering reduction is the powerful MBE module included in the system.”

Gísli Jónsson

Innkaupastjóri, Johan Ronning

“We have been using the AGR system since 2002 for inventory planning purposes in our distribution centre which supplies 3 major grocery chains. The payback on our investment was within our targeted time limit. The system has helped us keep inventory costs down and save time in the buying process.”

Lárus Óskarsson

CEO, Aðföng

“We were surprised by the results from the simulation. As Parlogis is a logistics service company, we considered ourselves to be experts in stock control. However the simulation proved that there was room for improvements, both with regards to inventory level and reduction in stock-outs.”

Geir Gunnlaugsson

Viðskiptastjóri, Parlogis

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