AGR Allocation for Retail

Improve efficiency and accuracy within your business, while minimizing the manual work and maintaining transparency and control over your allocation

See how it works!

The Allocation module automatically calculates how to split the stock to be pushed out between locations where it’s most likely to sell to ensure maximum productivity within your business operations. Once an Allocation proposal has been generated, the user is able to see how the system has calculated the split of the purchase order between locations, as seen in the image above. They are also able to edit the Final Allocation Quantity within the green cells to give you the control you need over your company’s final allocation numbers. 




  • Automated allocation processes save time and resources

  • Products allocated to stores that are most likely to sell them 

  • Users can manually affect future allocations  

  • Thorough overview for fast selling stock 

  • Right products in the right place at the right time 



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