Achieve a faster, smoother and more efficient supply chain.

If 2016–19 were challenging – Brexit, US–China trade war, a general geopolitical trend toward nationalisation – then 2020 has compounded all of this with the impact of a global pandemic. Fill out the form below to download our eBook on navigating this unprecedented time for your supply chain. 

Let Us Manage Your Supply Chain.

Benefits of AGR:

Decrease Inventory while Maintaining Service Levels

Decrease Manual Labor

Easily Connects with your Current ERP System

Learn More about Retail and Wholesale Dynamics

Retail Dynamics

AGR Retail Dynamics embraces the complete retail planning process – from high-level department planning through range width and product selection to ordering, allocation, replenishment, in-season monitoring and product end-of-life management.

Wholesale Dynamics

AGR Wholesale Dynamics covers the complete process of managing your supply chain – from the initial product and financial planning process to forecasting, reporting, ordering, and allocation through an integrated and highly automated process.

Our customers include:

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Fortnum and Mason

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