AGR Nordic’s Inventory system was again chosen as the preferred solution, when Aktieselskabet Carl Christensen needed a new system for forecasting and purchasing for central warehouse, as well as for allocation to au2part’s 42 departments.

The project ahead

Aktieselskabet Carl Christensen is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of spare parts for the Danish automotive fleet. CAC keep stock of more than 80,000 different items and have access to another 450,000+ non-stocked items, which they distribute via their big distribution network au2parts to any part of the country hour by hour and day to day.

AGR Nordic’s task will be to provide a solution which can be adapted to the requirements from a constantly evolving industry, and which can solve the complexity that lies in a steadily increasing number of item numbers that is required from the market. It is a market that requires same-day delivery, often within a few hours, and it requires you to be really good at forecasting where an item should be in stock – and both at the right time and in the right quantity. The task will also be to automate many of the processes around purchasing and replenishment and to provide a better overview across the entire business.

AGR Dynamics

AGR Nordic’s web-based Inventory system and its unique S&OP tool are used by large and medium-sized companies to improve their service level and at the same time reduce inventory. Together with the specially developed Manage-by-Exception reporting module, the system keeps an eye on deviations that require focus and provides a good overview of performance throughout the chain for both users and management.