Learn more about our new Financial Planning module and how it can help your company achieve its financial targets.


Our webinar will show you how the best practice methodology embedded in AGR Financial Planner can help you to plan and track your financial performance across multiple levels in your organisation. Using Financial Planner, part of our award winning software solution for businesses of all sizes, you can stay on track to meet strategic goals.

The AGR Financial Planner allows you to:

  • Create a baseline financial plan based on historical data
  • Compare actuals against the baseline plan and reforecast performance to reflect changing circumstances
  • Plan revenue, expenses and trading margins by product group, trading location or customer and expense type

The Financial Planner is a perfect addition to our AGR Inventory software and is suitable for both wholesale and retail financial planning. Actual performance can be updated daily or weekly through an easy connection to your accounting system, enabling you to respond quickly to changes and to easily make adjustments when necessary. Planning periods and user access are both configurable to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our webinar is over, but contact us below to get a copy of the Financial Planning webinar!