Get a Full Overview of your Allocation with AGR

The AGR Inventory module has managed allocation since the beginning, but it has always been ‘behind the scenes’. We at AGR Dynamics have developed a new user friendly interface in the AGR Inventory module that brings our allocation capability to the forefront.

The importance of accurately and efficiently allocation merchandise is paramount in ensuring each location has the right inventory levels – having the right stock in the right location at the right time is crucial within all retail companies to maintain customers satisfaction and maximize sales.

Today, many businesses currently employ a manual process within their allocation team, i.e. choosing how much to put where. Automation is the name of the game and the new allocation UI within AGR improves efficiency and accuracy within your business, while minimizing the manual work while still maintain transparency and control. 

How does your company manage your allocation process? Does it involve a lot of manual work? Let us help you!