The AGR Dynamics development team has been hard at work on the newest version of the AGR software, which will be released on October 30. There are a number of updates and improvements in our award-winning supply chain software, including increased ease of use, a re-written and crisp interface, and even more new functionalities to help your day-to-day operations.

The first obvious change within the new AGR release is the crisp and updated interface. The development team spent the summer rewriting the whole front-end of the software, giving our users the newest technology and a gorgeous UI. This was done, in part, due to the fact that the previous technology our UI was built on, AngularJS, will be out of support by July 2021. Our new release uses Angular 8, which is the latest version of the popular framework and platform for dynamic web applications.

Increased Item Card Functionality

The item card is one of the best known features of the AGR system. It shows all of the data for your items graphically and can be very helpful when needing to adjust sales history or get an overall sense of how an item is doing. In order to increase ease of use, we have added a number of new features and functionalities to our item card. Below is the Chart tab of the item card which now can include a picture of the item in question. This can be helpful for companies that have many of the same items but each with different styles, for example blue pens, red pens, etc.

We have also added the additional functionality of being able to open the item card in a new window, making it easier to work with the system if you have a multiple screen setup in your workplace. It is additionally possible to lock the item card that is open in a new screen and then continue to browse other items, making it easy to compare and contrast different items.

AGR release

Get More Out of Your Manage-By-Exception Reporting

In the newest AGR release, we have updated the Reports view to be similar to that of our Orders and Plans. This means you can add columns and filters to your reports without having to save them, giving our users more ad hoc abilities than ever before.

AGR release

Help with Just the Click of a Button

If you’re unsure about anything or having trouble finding something within the AGR system, we have made getting help super easy in the new AGR release. Within the blue Inventory navigation bar, we have added an ‘i’ button, which will take you either directly to the AGR user manual, or our service desk, where you can send in a request to one of our consultants and get help super quickly. From our service desk, users can also access our knowledge base, which is filled with Frequently Asked Questions, How To Videos, and articles about different functionalities within the AGR system. This has been done in our continuing effort to show our commitment to our users and help them get the most out of their AGR setup.

While there are a many new changes in this release of AGR, it is still built upon the same database, so upgrading our current customers to this new version is hassle-free. Feel free to contact us below to get a further introduction to the newest AGR release and plan an upgrade to your current AGR setup.