Well, it’s that time of year that team AGR dust off our lecterns, spruce up our Power Points and hit the road for the Annual UK Customer Conference 2018.

This year, we took the event to the stunning Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham. It was going to be a big task to squeeze 12 months of exciting new features, product developments and customer stories into one day, but we love a challenge. Supporting us at this years event were the good folks over at Pets at Home.

There’s no better way to start a day than a cup of coffee with friends, so we were thrilled to welcome almost 50 of our customers and partners for a 9 o’clock kick off. After a quick catch up over a brew, we made our way to the conference room to get the conversation started.

Haukur Hannesson, Managing Director, welcomed our guests and gave us a flavour of the year so far, before handing over to Iain Nicol, Sales Director at AGR Dynamics. Iain treated us to a great talk on his vision for the future, and what the next 12 months is going to hold for our customers – and if his crystal ball is right, there’s some great stuff on the horizon. Iain’s talk gave us all some food for thought, so we took the opportunity to reflect on his ideas with a break and some networking.

Next in the spotlight was Einar Thorhallsson, Chief Operations Officer, who took us on a journey through the latest version of the AGR solution, plus some hidden tips and tricks to get even more insight into your inventory. Following Einar, our UK Head of Professional Services, Jeremy Hicks, was able to show us how AGR customers have used customised functionality to accommodate their unique workflows, and overcome different challenges in the supply chain.

The lunch break was a perfect opportunity for all attendees to discuss the morning’s topics, recharge batteries and enjoy the grounds (and the billiard table!) of the Wood Norton Hotel. With full bellies and stretched legs, we were looking forward to round 2.Joe Mitchell, UK Sales Manager, gave us a quick update on the brand new Service Desk exclusively for AGR customers, before introducing Sigrún Gunnhildardóttir, Head of Development at AGR Dynamics. Sigrún’s greatly anticipated talk on the development roadmap prompted some good questions and thoughts from our audience.

Finnur Bragason, Sales Director, got us going again with his perspective on the latest developments with budgeting and planning in AGR. The final speaker from AGR, our resident Business Process Solutions Designer Keith Dunn, gave an insightful (and very entertaining) talk on the merchandising and planning modules within the software.

Last, but by no means least, we were joined on stage by our friends Trevor Standeven and Michael Gent from Pets at Home, who have been AGR customers for almost a decade. They took us through their experiences step by step, from implementation to daily usage, and the lessons they learnt along the way.

A big thank you to all the attendees for making the event such a success, and especially to Pets at Home for sharing their experiences. Here’s to the next 12 months!