etail eastAGR Dynamics had a great two days at the eTail East retail conference in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It was interesting to see how the digital disruption that the retail world is experiencing was handled by key speakers from companies such as ASICS, New Balance, Destination Maternity, as well as clicks-to-bricks companies like Casper Mattresses, and etailers such as, and others. Experts spoke about how their organizations handled the challenges between their internal store and internet-oriented teams as well as corporate technology and culture to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Having the opportunity to listen to John Mulliken, CTO of Wayfair, speak about how Wayfair as a technology company approached e-commerce and is able to actively succeed against retailers such as Amazon was inspiring. Listening to Letitia Webster, Omni-Channel VP speak about improving their customer experience through the implementation of BOPIS and the immediate effect it had on their customer relations showed the importance of leveraging new technology and change in order to meet and thrive against the challenges of today’s retail world.

We’d like to thank the great retailers and other exhibitors that we had the opportunity to meet. A great conference over all!