AGR Dynamics is excited to add four new employees to their consulting team from the top of their class at Reykjavík University.


new RU consultantsJóhann Ívar Björnsson

Jóhann is graduating with a B.Sc. in Management Engineering from Reykjavík University this spring and is excited to have started his first office job as an AGR Dynamics consultant after working in fish landings between school semesters for the past 8 years. After taking a course in programming and data science at RU, Jóhann decided to pursue a B.Sc. in Computer Science, which he will finish in the spring of 2019. Jóhann spends his free time doing Crossfit, playing golf and hanging out with friends and family.


new RU consultantsEyrún Engilbersdóttir

Eyrún is currently in her third year of B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering with an emphasis on Computer Science, but she will be graduating next fall since she took an exchange semester in Barcelona. Alongside with her studies, she has been a T.A. in Mathematics and studying music. Her free time is spent with friends and in various music and art projects.


new RU consultantsÁstrós Eir Kristinsdóttir

Ástrós recently graduated with Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management from Reykjavík University. Along with her studies, she worked in a furniture store called Módern and was a T.A  at Reykjavík University in programming, data processing and linear algebra. Ástrós likes to exercise every day and during the summer, she tries to exercise outside as much as possible, especially enjoying a run or a hike if the weather allows.


new RU consultantsÍris Björk Snorradóttir

Íris is graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management and Computer Science from Reykjavík University. She worked at Reykjavík Energy while at university, where she gained experience in customer service. While at university she was the information officer of the student association for a year and the vice president of the student union of science and engineering. When not working she spends time with her family and friends and she loves to travel.


The Icelandic office is excited to add these consultant to the team filled with fresh new ideas and ready to take on challenging projects!