The AGR Dynamics office in Iceland welcomed four new employees at the beginning of 2018.

new employeesPétur Haraldsson

Pétur graduated from the University of Iceland in B.Sc. degree in Logistics Management and joined AGR Dynamics recently. Pétur is an experienced project manager with more than two decades experience in managing high complex IT projects and has contributed in multiple international IT projects worldwide, i.e. West- and East-Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, altogether more than 20 countries involved. In his spare time Pétur enjoys traveling and relaxing with his family, cycling, skiing and listen to music.

Guðmundur Jóhann Helgasonnew employees

Guðmundur graduated from Reykjavík University, first with a B.Sc. in Business Administration and then an MBA in 2016. He joined AGR team in December 2017. Most often worked as a  consultant / designer and often a bridge between business and IT. Has extensive experience in web development (front and back-end, operations), business process modelling (BPM), working with data and business operations. Interests include photography, history, design and many others. Owns and operates the historical research site with a small team of experts.

new employeesHelgi Óskarsson

Helgi Óskarsson started in January and is joining the SQL consulting team. Helgi holds a B.Sc. degree in computer science. While studying Helgi was also working an IT job for the Icelandic tour operator Gray Line Iceland.

new employeesÁsta Sigríður Harðardóttir

Ásta Sigríður Harðardóttir started in April and joined the SQL consulting team in Iceland. Ásta has been working in the Icelandic IT industry for past 3 years after getting her bachelor degree in both computer science and engineering from University of Reykjavík.

We are excited to welcome these four new additions to the Icelandic team!