AGR Dynamics is excited to announce our participation in this year’s WOW Cyclothon, which will be held June 26-30 in Iceland. The WOW Cyclothon is the largest in number and the longest road race in Iceland. Held annually in June since 2012, WOW Cyclothon takes riders 1358 km around Iceland (the purple line in the picture below) in a maximum of 72 hours.

WOW Cyclothon

Our team is made up of AGR Dynamics employees (current and former) in Iceland, the UK, and Canada and will be participating in the B Category, with a maximum number of 10 riders. The participating riders of Team AGR Dynamics are Haukur Þór Hannesson, Einar Karl Þórhallsson, Pétur Haraldsson, Jeremy Hicks, Guðni Pétur Sigurjónsson, Björn Óskar Aðalsteinsson, Rebekka Jóhannsdóttir, Gunnar Gylfason, Júlíus Stígur Stephensen, and Þóra Jóhanna Hjaltadóttir. “As a young and active company, we are always up for a good challenge, so joining the WOW Cyclothon was a no brainer,” says Chief Operating Officer Einar Karl Þórhallsson. “Many of our employees regularly bike to work, and we have previously taken part in the Bike to Work month held annually in Iceland.” The team has been meeting regularly since March to train together and are getting everything in order for the cyclothon.

Once the competition begins, it will be possible to follow along with Team AGR Dynamics and see where they are throughout the competition. Our riders will also update us often with pictures and videos straight from the competition itself. We have created a Facebook page for you to follow along here:

WOW Cyclothon

Here is part of our team after one of their Saturday practices. Go Team AGR Dynamics!



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