Innnes PlannerInnnes ehf, one of the biggest supermarket wholesalers in Iceland, has implemented the new AGR Sales and Promotions Planner. Having been operating AGR for inventory replenishment and forecasting for 9 years, Innnes decided the time was right to add our flexible planning engine to their software suite.

The Icelandic wholesaler originally chose AGR for demand planning and inventory optimisation back in 2008. After successfully using the AGR system to these systems within their supply chain, Innnes was ready to try the newly released AGR Planner to manage their sales and promotions. The planning engine was implemented in August of this year, and they went live with it in October. While the AGR Inventory Optimiser and Forecasting suite is managed by the Supply Chain Director, the Sales and Promotions Planner is managed by the Marketing Director, and the integration of the two systems was smooth with no downtime for the forecasting and planning system.

The new planning engine allows Innnes to create demand plans and promotions at any level; business, division, department, category or item. Adjustments and changes are aggregated up or consolidated down the structure to have one visible demand plan for the entire business. The Planner ensures automatic execution of plans and promotions into the replenishment order cycle through full integration with the Inventory Optimiser.

“There is a clear benefit to working on the sales plans in the same system that the purchasing department uses. The sales planner is set up exactly according to our needs. In addition, we can use the reporting tool within the Inventory Optimiser as a reference and support for all of our planning, which is a huge plus and offers a great overview of purchases and inventory,” says Lovísa Jenný Sigurðardóttir, Marketing Director at Innnes ehf. “This will help improve our planning and increase efficiency in the inventory replenishment process.”

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