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AGR Dynamics is proud to announce the newest release of AGR – AGR 5.3.0. In this new release, we have overhauled the Order Grid within the AGR Inventory Optimiser in order to drastically increase performance. While the order grid is similar in look to previous releases, but the speed and reactivity of the system far outstrips that of its predecessors. You can see this performance increase by simply scrolling through many order lines, as well as the lack of loading time when switching between views.


In addition to this serious performance boost, there are a number of changes within the order grid that will make your work that much easier.


  • You can now copy and paste between the AGR Order Grid and Excel, either via Control C or highlighting and right clicking.
  • If you right click on a cell, you will now see the context menu, with even more options.
  • Align the columns within the order grid to your liking, and then saved within that view.
  • We have updated the system shortcuts with many new option.
  • When opening the item card, you can now resize the item card to fit your specific needs.


In this release, we have added a grouping bar, where you can drag a column to that bar and it will disappear from the columns and instead group the data accordingly. When deleted out of the grouping bar, they return as columns within the order grid. You can filter and aggregate the columns in the way that you choose as per the column options.


To see all the updates in the new AGR 5.3.0, check out the video below:

If you have any questions regarding this release and any other new features within the AGR software suite, be sure to check out our website and contact us!