Drapers Fashion ForumLast week AGR Dynamics had the opportunity to attend Drapers Fashion Forum, in conjunction with K3 Retail, and participated in a panel discussion on development ideas within retail. The vibe at the event was electric as Drapers celebrated 130 years of supporting the fashion industry.

The day flew by with ideas, stories and practical insight by incredible speakers whose companies are making the headlines for all the right reasons.

The event had a strong pull towards the future of retailing. The theme of the day – ‘Fit for the Future’- put new business development ideas firmly on the agenda. Debates were held discussing the relationships that exist within and between brands and retailers and how future relationships are to be developed between wholesaling, franchising, licensing, concessions and online partnerships. In an ever more customer-centric fashion market, efficient operations are the vital backbone to a business’s ability to meet growing expectations on a global scale. With technology advancing at such a rapid speed, the retail industry needs to be looking forward into the shopping habits of the consumer and be prepared for our “see now, buy now” era to stay ahead of the customer and realise the new opportunities across channels and across borders.

Melissa, our Group Business Development Director, had the great opportunity to be on the mid-morning panel. With the debate title of ‘New Development Ideas’ is there a more appropriate topic for AGR Dynamics? Unravelling the Forum’s theme, the debate went through the unconventional strategies and new business development opportunities that exist within and between brands and retailers, and look at how these will continue to develop in the future. As well as this, Melissa’s favourite issue came up: Data! Discussions on data analysis and the effects of data holding capacity can achieve for retail operations and.. Stock Forecasting!

Drapers Fashion Forum was the joining of like-minded colleagues in fashion retail from operations, supply chain and IT and inspired us all. It was also a great opportunity to drink a fair amount of gin after the excitement. Looking forward to next year!