AGR Dynamics LogoIt has been a busy summer here in the Icelandic AGR Dynamics office! We are happy to release our newest version of AGR – 5.2.3 – with all sorts of additions and updates. The biggest changes in this new release is the updates made to the Sales and Promotions Planner, including simplifying the plan setup and navigation, while also adding Icelandic and French to the overall system languages and fixing some minor bugs.


Overall System Updates

We have added a new Counting module to the AGR system that helps schedule inventory counting, making your job even easier. If you are interested to learn more about this new module or would like to add it to your AGR software suite, feel free to contact us at The AGR system has also been translated into French and Icelandic, making it possible to set your preferred language within the User Settings, while also allowing users to set their own personal preferred language.


Inventory Optimiser Updates

Within the reports tab of the IO, we have added editable columns to the reports grid, making it even easier to better manage reports. Within the order tab, we have created two options for Export to Excel: Export All Data or Export with Line Cap. This is very helpful if you have over 5000 items in an order, but only want to export the 500 items that you are viewing within the view, saving you time in your export. Furthermore, Purchase Plans can now be recalculated from within the order grid.


Sales and Promotions Planner

We have seriously simplified the plan setup in this new release. Now, when a user creates a plan, they only have to select the plan type (i.e. sales plan for standard setup), with the data series, columns and filters all be managed within the plan. We have also made the setup of the drill down with the planner easier to us, allowing all levels to be accessible from the breadcrumbs bar and simplifying navigation for the user. It is also now possible to lock each drill down level within the planner, prohibiting users to go to high levels of data in that particular view. The following updates were also added to this release:

  • Flexible planning periods have been added (config on database level). This gives the user ability to configure planning periods, like 4-4-5, 4-5-4, etc.
  • Views are now stored per user but we have the ability to add system views that cannot be modified by the user.
  • Tabs in the planner are now saved per user rather than per plan.
  • We have added a Data Series Editor to the planning engine. The creation of data series has been moved to Settings where the user also have the ability to view the data series accessible in the system.


If you are interested in adding any of these new features to your current AGR software suite or would like to know more information about the AGR 5.2.3 release, do not hesitate to contact us at or contact your AGR consultant.