Kjell & CompanyKjell & Company is one of the leading provider of home electronics in Sweden and Norway, with 110 stores and over 9000 different products per store. They serve their many customers in both their brick and mortar shops, where service and knowledgeable staff are at the forefront, as well as their web shop.

As growth still plays a major role for Kjell & Company, the choice of a new forecast and replenishment system naturally ended up being AGR 5 from AGR Nordic A/S, as AGR Nordic for many years, has been successful in maintaining both service levels and optimal stock levels for their customers, despite large growth and many new store openings. AGR 5 can handle both purchases and replenishment for the many shops and central warehouses, as well as serving as S & OP tool for example in planning sales campaigns.

AGR Nordics web-based Inventory Optimiser and its unique S & OP tool are used by large and medium-sized enterprises to improve service levels and at the same time reducing inventory. Together, with the specially developed Manage-By-Exception report module, the system keeps track of deviations that require focus, and provide a good overview of all-round performance for both users and management.

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