AGR 5 2 2 Release NotesOur development team is hard at work every day to bring new and updated features to the AGR software. Our newest release, AGR 5.2.2, is no exception and has added a lot of new functionality to our software suite. Not only have we added new features to our Inventory Optimiser and Order Grid, but we have completed re-designed our Planning Engine to give additional much needed functionality that will completely change the way you plan for your business. To read more about our planning engine and how we created this new version, check out our previous Featured Blog Friday: Introducing the Planning Engine that Drives Your Success.


Re-designed Planning Engine


Our new sales planner allows the user to view and change their data in multiple different ways on multiple different levels, whether its top – down, middle – out, or bottom – up. The Sales Planner has been built using data series, which is compiled data over a period of time. The system shows standard data series that are available for all users and created during implementation. Data series can be organised per item number, like they are in the AGR 5 Inventory Optimiser, or they can be organised by store, date, vendor, etc. The Planner can work on data series on number different levels, giving even more flexibility to the system.


The following new additions were made to the Sales Planner:


  • Filters are now split into three types of filters: view filters, user filters and plan filters
  • Multiple new ways to set up calculated data series, f.ex. you can customise an update procedure that updates affected data series when you change a value in plan
  • The filter will remember which filter type you used last time in order to speed up your work via common tasks that the user usually does
  • The ability to turn on either row or column totals
  • Possible to average data series (useful for prices, settings, etc. )
  • Formatting in planner grid: currency signs, percentage sign, setting for number of decimal places, etc.
  • You can now save drill down level in Views and navigate between elements in the drill down more efficiently


New Inventory Optimiser Features


A number of updates have been made to the Inventory Optimiser in AGR 5.2.2, including the added functionality to order items from a secondary supplier. This is helpful for instance when you need to make ad hoc orders when your primary supplier is out of stock or to transfer leftover stock from stores and back to the warehouse. It is now also possible to set minimum stock and maximum stock in the item card settings, this is helpful for customers using min/max ordering methods and enables users to override the default settings set the the items. Furthermore, there have been new features added to the Dashboard graph as well, including switching between viewing the graph in the current period (i.e. this month) or the last whole month, as well as the ability to display stock history.


Additional Features and Fixes


  • New loading animation the informs the user that the system is working on loading their request in Ordergrid
  • A new functionality to clear local storage from the system
  • Improvements to notifications so you can easiliy see wheter the order calculation has completed successfully
  • New installer to install system, product database and forecast service
  • Several bugs fixes in Reports and Schedules