We are happy to announce four new additions to the AGR Dynamics team in Reykjavík and the UK: Leszek Ankudowicz, Guðrún Sjöfn Axelsdóttir, Tómas Björn Guðmundsson, and Guðmundur Ólafur Konráðsson.


AGR Dynamics welcomes new employeesLeszek Ankudowicz joined the AGR Dynamics UK’s consultant team in January this year. Prior to that, he has several years of experience working with AGR Inventory Optimiser for one of our customers. Leszek has worked in logistics and supply chain management areas for number of years, initially in Poland, and since 2004 in the UK, where he moved with his family. He graduated with master degree in logistics from Warsaw University of Technology and has also completed his MBA at Cardiff University, with specialisation in Supply Chain Management. In his free time, Leszek spends with his family and enjoys reading books.


AGR Dynamics welcomes new employees Guðrún Axelsdóttir was in the first class to graduate with a B.Sc. in engineering from Reykjavík University in 2008 and was in the first class to graduate with an M.Sc. in Decision Engineering in 2010. After graduation, she worked at Íslandsbank until she joined AGR Dynamics in the Reykjavík office. Guðrún is married to Brynjar Sigurðsson and together have a 13 year old daughter and a dog. In her free time, Guðrún is a member of Bootcamp at Sporthús, enjoys reading and spending time with her family.


AGR Dynamics welcomes new employeesTómas Guðmundsson finished his M.Sc. in industrial engineering from the University of Iceland in 2013. Before Tómas jóined our AGR consultants team in the Reykjavík office, he worked at the State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland for three and a half years working on various projects including forecasting and supply chain management. Tómas has a one year old son and his interests include badminton, fishing, and whiskey.


AGR Dynamics welcomes new employeesGuðmundur Konráðsson recently joined our development team in the Reykjavík office and is a systems analyst from Reykjavík University. He is experienced in software and Web design and development of databases from his previous jobs at Arion Bank, Motus and Statistics Iceland. Guðmundur has two daughters, aged 8 and 15, and a 32 year old son. A big part of his free time is dedicated to various hobbies related to fishers and coastal culture, Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta, and enjoying life with his family.