UK Customer ConferenceLast month, we held our annual AGR Dynamics UK Customer Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, and it went off without a hitch! This was the second year that we held our conference in Birmingham, and we are very happy with the outcome. We had over 60 attendees from both retail and wholesale companies come together to hear about the latest news from our offices.

The event started off with our managing director, Haukur Þór Hannesson, welcoming all the guests and giving a quick review of the year and what we have been up to. Melissa Cupis, Group Business Development Director, then took the stage to discuss the next chapter for AGR Dynamics and where we are going. This was the first time for some of our attendees to learn about our Buying and Merchandising software that is currently in beta testing.UK Customer Conference

Our UK Head of Professional Services, Jeremy Hicks, followed Melissa with a presentation going more in depth into our new software, discussing Fully Integrated Option and Sales Planning in AGR 5.After a short mid-morning break, Keith Dunn, AGR Business Solutions Expert, presented Easier Decision Making with Advanced Financial Planning, discussing how the new updates to the AGR software can truly get rid of excel and save companies a lot of time (and learn something!) in their planning process. As Dunn explains, “Do you learn the process when financial planning in excel? No, you learn how to create an excel sheet. Process is key.”

UK Customer ConferenceBefore lunch, Carl Yeates, Program Manager at Bonmarché, discussed the Green Box Project and their experience in working with AGR Dynamics through the beta stage of our new Buying and Merchandising software. He explained how Bonmarché works to put the BOOM (Bold, Original, Outstanding, Modern) in their business. “Last thing we need is more data. We need to make sense of it and put it to good use. That’s where AGR has helped us,” explained Yeates during his presentation.

UK Customer Conference

The lunch break gave both presenters and attendees a chance to mingle and discuss the different topics that had already been presented. Some even took the opportunity to take a look at the vintage motorcycles that the National Motorcycle Museum houses.

Paul Mckeown, Project Director at Countrywide Farmers, started off the afternoon session with a presentation on Lessons Learnt from Big IT Project, sharing his retail implementation tips with the conference attendees. Our data scientist, Agnes Jóhannesdóttir, switched gears with her presentation on Machine Learning and discussed how AGR Dynamics will be utilising this up-and-coming tool in the software. Following her presentation, there was a lively discussion between our attendees on the merits of machine learning and while even though it doesn’t change the current process, it brings something completely new to the table.

Chief Operations Officer, Einar Karl Thorhallsson, and Senior AGR Consultant, Alan Iles, showed our attendees how to Make the Most of AGR 5, including tips and tricks in the system that can help them work smarter and not harder in the AGR software. We were really happy with the turnout of the event, as well as with the participation of our attendees and are so thankful to everyone who helped make our conference a great success. Below you can see more pictures from the day!