AGR Dynamics Supply Chain ForumLast month, the AGR Dynamics UK Team attended the Richmond Logistics and Supply Chain Forum on March 15, 2016 at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton, UK and took part in interactive workshops and discussion groups with senior industry professionals. The event is organised by the Richmond team that delivers a three-pronged approach to meet the needs of the delegates that are invited to attend and the suppliers that pay to be included in the event.

The deliverables are:

  • You Learn

The event offers the delegates a series of elective discussions and lectures carried out by industry experts that allows delegates to learn from each other. Topics range from the practical approach to a detailed area of the business processes within the supply chain to the latest strategic thinking on supply chain issues and how this will affect the attendees in the future. A great way to discuss the latest techniques and examine current industry issues in a nurturing environment.

  • You Network

Unless you’re talking to a direct competitor, you often find that fellow delegates are happy to share their experiences with others. Where processes in companies are broadly similar, the discussions you can have with colleagues can be extremely useful. These links often last way beyond the event, with the setting up if information exchange arrangements to benefit all.

  • You Meet

This is why we at AGR Dynamics attend. Whilst most people start their search for a new system on the web, there’s no substitute for a quick chat. The face-to-face meetings that they organise at this event allows both sides to ask the kinds of questions the web may not answer. It can save hours of effort and get you going in the right direction really quickly, even if that’s away from our solution.

Everyone’s time is valuable and so being able to rule our solution in or out in just a few minutes is a real benefit.

Plus, if you’re not looking for anything in particular, at least you get intelligence on what’s available out there for future reference.

A full day of meetings, lectures and workshops with a little entertainment thrown in – well worth a day out of the office.