Release AGR 5.1AGR Dynamics is proud to release AGR 5.1, the newest version of our Inventory Optimiser, Planning and Forecasting software. Along with a completely redesigned order grid and integrated sales planning, one of the newest features is the ability to group long lists of items to increase ease of use for our customers, seen in the image to the right. It is possible to use multiple groupings within reports, for example location and ABC analysis.


Order Grid re-designed

The order grid is used to view and manage purchase orders. The latest version allows great visibility and filtering on all your order proposal and allows users to slice and dice orders and edit and constrain order quantities on different levels based on defined criteria.

  • Aggregate data displayed in the new order sidebar
  • Users can now save views in the order grid and return to them later
  • User can export order grid to excel
  • There is a predefined focus view within the order grid
  • Possible to add constraints to order line items
  • There is an edit button on the top right of the info sidebar to select additional info on orders
    • Information is organized into categories
    • Click and drag information within the edit side bar to rearrange the lines
    • Possible to save the views of the info sidebar under the Table Views buttons.
    • Create constraint, highlight items, apply the constraint, screen will self-refresh
    • Now possible to resize the item info to show the full description
  • Now possible to filter on a specific orders. Breadcrumb bar shows the path.
  • Column added that show which constraint was added (if applicable)


Integrated Sales Planning

Release AGR 5.1Full integration of the sales planner is now finished. The flexible template based planning tool allows users to define specific views on their data sets based on a number of variants. Users can easily apply and view their sales plans, promotions and other known demand effects directly within the item graph. This enables greater collaboration between planning and procurement within companies. Other features include:

  • Pop-up window added when creating a new plan
  • Choose Item Groups, Locations, and Planned Qtys to plan on
  • Template editor allows users to predefine their own planning templates
  • Admin has read/write access to plans while standard users only have read access
  • Graphical views of plans now available
  • Reference values can be added when creating plans
  • User can add comments at any level of the plan
  • Now you can export your plans to excel
  • Organize plans by groups, just like reports


Additional features and fixes

  • Possible to group long list of items by item name, order id, ABC analysis, etc.
  • Possible to scroll through items with arrow keys in Reports
  • Possible to order a whole report from the Reports overview screen
  • Users can now order a complete Report or individual Report items
  • Variants (color, size etc.) added to the Item Card
  • Default time filters to constrain amount of purchase orders before loading order grid
  • Pop-up notification when orders are confirmed
  • Confirm order tool tip updated, explains that user cannot confirm partial orders.
  • Tool tip in the Search option explains which columns will be searched
  • Now possible to filter orders depending on origin
  • Now possible to see all item details next to the graph.
  • Possible to see order details in a sidebar when browsing orders
  • Possible to delete/trash order proposals
  • Search box now available within new order grid, to filter down results.