HaukurAGR has recently merged with Reynd, an Icelandic ERP solutions provider, now offering Dynamics NAV business solutions in Iceland, alongside supply chain management software, AGR 5, in both the Icelandic and international markets. The newly merged company will maintain offices in London and Copenhagen, where the majority of the company’s revenue comes from.

Since 1997, AGR has specialised in SCM software and consulting, with its software in use by a wide variety of companies operating in retail, wholesale and distribution sectors. Reynd specialises in Dynamics NAV business solutions, as well as retail solutions from LS Retail. “Through the merging of AGR-Reynd, we now have a stronger connection to the Dynamics business environment and have the ability to offer stronger integrations possibilities to Microsoft Dynamcis. Our ongoing focus will be on offering first class supply chain management expertise, in addition to a high level of service and knowledge in Dynamics NAV for the retail sector,” says Haukur Hannesson, managing directors of AGR-Reynd ehf.

“Currently our team is made up of 43 AGR-Reynd employees who can offer even more product development and bigger service offerings to our customers. In the next few weeks and months, we will continue to introduce new business solutions and software to our customers, including our AGR 5 web interface and Retail Crest app that gives managers key sales information of their business straight on their smart phone,” continues Haukur.

AGR-Reynd is located at Katrínartún 2, 105 Reykjavík, with AGR UK located in London and AGR Nordic located in Copenhagen.